Wonderful Light!


Strong backlight from the window highlights Merlie’s and Simon’s fur.


Light, wonderful light! Light brings clear sight, warmth, and wisdom.

Light comes from many sources. We all are now in a revolution of LEDs, and our household has switched over from regular incandescent light bulbs because LEDs are cheaper to use and cooler to the touch. However, I think the light they produce isn’t as warm and inviting, and I’ve even read that it isn’t very healthy for us because it’s such a cool blue light. That’s why some people buy glasses with orange lenses - they warm up the electronic screens of our computers and put less strain on our eyes.

Sunlight brings us joy as well as warmth. Think about how grumpy we get when it’s been raining for days on end. Plants grow and thrive in sunlight. We do too.

Even though the light is very bright, I actually like it in this case. The scene is really warm and glowing.

In photography, quality of light is the main ingredient. If it’s too bright, from whatever source, it produces lots of unflattering contrast with harsh shadows. That’s why photographers, unless they are going after a special effect, prefer morning or evening, and cloudy days, when the sun isn’t high and glaring. The light is even and smooth, giving a much more natural and pleasant image.

Harsher artificial light on this flower isn’t as pleasant.

Softer light here is much easier on the eyes. The colors are more natural, too.

Think of the “lightbulb” that goes off when someone finally realizes how to solve a problem or understands a concept. Not just school kids, but all of us. We are learning every day, and there is real satisfaction in “getting it”. Wisdom is definitely connected with light.

Evening light. Ok photo.

No natural light. Much more interesting photo. Use wisdom when choosing light sources!

How marvelous it is to know that we have a Light that never goes out or dims. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” As the creator and sustainer of the world, his light brings clarity, warmth and peace to our souls. It shows us the path to walk on and how to navigate it. The light of his wisdom is truth.


Soft backlight gives such a wonderful glow to these orchids.