Humor in Little Things


Sometimes you just have to laugh. Life can be hectic, especially this time of year even though I always vow that this year will be different. But this year does seem to be different…it’s not even December, and most of my shopping is finished, the tree is up, and the few decorations I want to display are out.

I’ve almost completed designing a Christmas card.

christmas card berries.jpg

My 2019 calendars are designed, ordered, and delivered to me, ready to give away as gifts or to sell.


I’m making it simple on purpose this year!

So Monday night I finished decorating our tree - our cat Sam’s first Christmas tree since we rescued him 2 ½ years ago. It took all of about ten minutes because I didn’t put anything on it that could break when it comes crashing down in the middle of the night. (Maybe I need more faith? With a cat and a tree? Ha!) As we were setting the tree up and I was decorating it, Sam was running around the house like a wild animal, even jumping up on the dining room table where he’s not allowed (at least when we’re home.) A sign of what’s to come?


It doesn’t look quite so pitiful with the lights on.


I was satisfied. Sam didn’t look like he was about to burrow into the middle of the tree or knock off any of the homemade cloth balls. He just sat and stared at the lights. But I wondered what he was thinking.

The next morning I gave Sam his breakfast. He eats raw meat, and that day it was pork. A raw meat diet really shines up his fur and makes it even silkier than it already is. Well, he had just finished eating when he quickly ran over to the tree and threw the whole breakfast up on my handmade tree skirt, the one with the adorable little red cardinals on it, the one I treasure so much, the one my mother bought for me at a craft show in Vermont about 20 years ago. He does throw his meal up occasionally, just not on my tree skirt. (It’s not poor Sam’s fault that he does that, it’s actually because he wolfs down his food so fast that I have to feed him in spaced out doses.) So into the washer it went, with a lot of disinfectant, and fortunately it came out clean. So the tree is still safe, and the tree skirt is just a little more “used” but still pretty.

You just have to laugh!

How can I be annoyed with this sweet face?