Reality or Not


What is reality? Do we actually have a handle on it? We think we do, don’t we? But then sometimes we aren’t sure.


I have heard a comparison of how we see our lives to looking at the back of a tapestry. All we see are the different colored threads all going in what looks like random directions, and it may look like one big mess with no purpose or reason. But then reality hits when God shows us the other side of the tapestry, with all it’s beauty and design, and we understand the truth about our lives. We don’t see the front of that whole tapestry now - we see only glimpses of it to reassure us and give us hope. And that’s a good thing…if we saw the whole picture too soon we might not believe it, or even freak out!

The pieces of reality we see now can be quite vague, but when we are shown a small piece of the tapestry clearly and in full color we rejoice. We need to see clearly at least some of the time, in a least some little ways.

Last weekend Jerry and I were on a short vacation with friends. While driving down a highway, with a spotty cloud cover, we looked up and saw what looked like a small oval hole in one of the clouds. The hole was much brighter than the rest of the clouds, and had all the colors of the rainbow in it, in order. It was so amazing and beautiful, and we could hardly believe what we were seeing. There was no rainbow behind the cloud or anywhere near it. Just in the small hole in the cloud. It faded and disappeared in just a few minutes, but while it was there we saw a little glimpse of reassurance. God is really with us. And has a plan.


A few weeks ago I went to a large local public garden. I’m a sucker for reflections, and I’m posting several of the ones I photographed. They remind me a little of the back of that tapestry - not clear enough to quite understand what’s going on, and may look messy, but some beautiful spots are evident.

Here’s a fun little quiz. Not including the photo of the lily pads at the beginning of this blog, all of the other photos are total reflections except one. Which one is not a total reflection?