The horrible events concerning human babies lately have broken my heart , along with so many other people. The depravity of the human soul without the restraint of God has been graphically on display.


So the logical extension of murdering babies is to get rid of children, teens, adults, older folks, or anyone who isn’t seen as valuable and “wanted”, or is a perceived drain or burden on someone or society as a whole. Matt Walsh has written an excellent article, as satire, about why shouldn’t we just get rid of any age “fetus”, whether born or not, at whatever age, if it meets somone’s criteria of being in someone’s way of personal fulfillment. I recommend that you read it. Click HERE to read it. Other societies, both recent and past, have gone this route with horrifying results. Don’t forget that. God help us.


I don’t have photos of young grandchildren, so I’m giving you photos of baby flowers, and a puppy. Little ones that have the potential to be full grown beauties to give someone even more joy, if only they aren’t snuffed out in the mean time. (They aren’t the best photos, but they are for illustration purposes.)